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THE PRIMARY PURPOSE of this web is to call attention to conditions in the United States that are terribly wrong, and suggest possible ways to make improvements.

If you don't get anything else from this website, at least get The China Study.

See the Health Notes page.

A SECONDARY PURPOSE is to share some memories that I treasure, both good and bad, in the hope that others may find benefit or pleasure.

"We have met the enemy, and they are us!" Here are two special topics by journalist Bill Moyers:


HEALTH NOTES The fruit of personal experience and reading by one who has had some serious health problems over the years. This material is serious and vitally important. I love my country, but I fear my Government!

LIGHT ON THE SPIRITUAL PATH Observations of an aspiring disciple - a member of The Theosophical Society. This page has several references and an invitation to communicate on the subject.

My memories (with photos where available): Growing Up, College Days, Air Force Days, Sailing Days, and Glider Flying.

For all these pages, I invite the suggestions of surfers who may happen this way. A contact link is given above.


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