Sailing Days

Sailing Days - Dec 15,2018

The first two pictures are of a fish class boat belonging to the St. Petersburg Yacht Club.  They were taken about 1944.

Miles in Navy uniform. The location is the St. Petersburg Yacht Basin.

    Above - Sailing with my mother on Tampa Bay


Above is Dr. Bill Jennings' 42-foot schooner "Mistress."  The small boat being towed is the pram that I built.  "Doc Jennings" later became Commodore of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club.

    Dr. Jennings at the helm of another boat, and I am at his right.  We were returning from a Coast Guard Auxiliary exercise where we had to navigate to find an object in the water.  About 1942.

Building my own boat in Savannah, Georgia, about 1960.

That same boat on Lake Thomas in west Texas.

Above -Miles in a Sunfish belonging to the Navy Orlando Sailing Club.  About 1975.  This was after I had retired from the Air Force.

Left - The lineup for a regatta at Disney World.  The Sunfish is the most popular sailboat in the world.  At that event I qualified to enter the world championship competition in Venezuela, but I knew I was too small to have a chance of winning.  In strong winds a person needs to weigh close to 165 pounds for optimum weight in this boat.

Left - My son, Lloyd (looking toward man in white shirt) at the same Disney regatta.
These Sunfish pictures were all taken in the years 1970-75.  We had our own two Sunfish boats, and we garnered trophies in regattas throughout Florida.

Lineup for a regatta at Navy Orlando.

Miles hoists the pennant for Navy Orlando Sailing Club at beginning of a regatta.  Miles was "Commodore" of the Club.

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