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Health, Diet, Environment - Aug 5,2018

To give some background and why this subject is so important to me, I have always had health problems of one sort or another.  The most serious was a severe case of hepatitis in 1971, followed by cancer in 1972. I had no treatment for the hepatitis; it just cleared up by itself.  I had surgery and an initial round of chemotherapy for the cancer, but refused the rest of the planned chemotherapy, in favor of natural alternatives.  If you will look into some of the references that follow, you will understand why I did this, and why I think that when I die it will not be from cancer.  You can read about my experience with cancer in the following link.


The China Study - In our present state of awareness, the most important factor contributing to health or illness is what you eat.  Exercise and mental activity are also very important and can obscure or shield for awhile the effects of dietary indiscretion, but for most of us our diet is by far the main factor.  It should not take hard science for a person to perceive that the best diet for humans is plant based, rather than animal based.  While it's true that we can subsist on various types of flesh, our teeth and our intestines should be enough to tell us the natural food for humans is fruits and vegetables. But we do have hard science!  In addition to many other sources of information, you can now read The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell, PhD.  "... findings from the most comprehensive large study ever undertaken of the relationship between diet and the risk of developing disease are challenging much of American dietary dogma." -- The New York Times. The incidence of all the major diseases correlate directly with animal protein.  I have over simplified it, but you owe it to yourself to investigate.  You will find that Dr. Campbell has elaborated on and confirmed much of what I have written in this section.  The science is clear, consistent and compelling; go where the science leads.

Where can you get this book? My self-appointed "service project" is to distribute the book free of charge to as many people in the United States as my budget will allow. If it's not in your public library, and if you would like a free lifesaver, write via email to miles at crnatural dot net (replace "at" with @, replace "dot" with a period, and remove the spaces). Why do I do this? I've suffered some of the horrors of traditional cancer treatment, and I want to help other people avoid that. Read "My Cancer Experience," above. Nothing significant is going to happen until we get millions of people thinking about it. If you ask, I may be able to send copies to your friends too. The package now includes two documentary DVD's: Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, and What the Health.

There are two main aspects of cancer: (1) the cause, and (2) how the body tries to remove it. What you will learn in The China Study is that, with moderate stress of a carcinogen (not much worse than our normal condition), you can turn cancer on and turn it off by increasing or decreasing the percentage of animal protein in the diet. Then, how does the body attempt to remove the cancer? The natural mechanism is that proteolytic enzymes secreted by the pancreas remove the protein coating around the cancer cell so that the immune system can recognize and destroy it. However, if for any reason there is not enough of this enzyme, there is a backup mechanism of amygdalin (aka laetrile) that we can get from many common food substances, especially from the seeds of stone-pit fruit, like apricots, cherries, grapes, even apples, etc. Cancer cells are accompanied by an enzyme called beta-glucosidase that releases the cyanide and benzaldehyde of the amygdalin which kill the cancer cells. Normal cells are accompanied by a different enzyme called rhodanese that breaks the amygdalin down into two harmless components that are excreted through the urine. If the cause is removed early enough, the body may be able to heal itself if the immune system is not in too bad a condition. The links below tell of how two women cured themselves of advanced breast cancer by removing the dietary cause. However in Dr. Day's case she used prayer also. If you have cancer, any treatment may be futile if you continue to cause it. You don't just "catch" cancer - you cause it.

This theory of how the body deals with cancer is thoroughly explained in World Without Cancer that is in book form and as a video from The Reality Zone online. The book and video tape were published long before anyone knew the basic cause of cancer.  I think the pioneers in advancing this treatment, some of whom I met and spent time with, all died of heart disease.

A Testimonial:  Why Women in China Do Not Get Breast Cancer
                       http:/ Note: After years of being free of cancer, Jane Plant strayed from her vegan diet and died in 2016. It is reported that she died of a blood clot, not cancer. 

Dr. Lorraine Day: See her DVD "Cancer Doesn't Scare me Anymore."

There is unending vicious activity by various organizations attempting to discredit both Dr. Plant and Dr. Day. Similarly, efforts are being made to discredit anyone who advances treatment outside the approved "cut, burn and poison" procedures for which people pay millions of dollars (as well as their lives in many cases). In the link below, you can hear Dr. Manner's comments (then head of the Biology Department of Loyola University of Chicago) about efforts to have him dismissed because he was working in this area. Likewise, Dr. Campbell tells how people tried to silence and discredit his work. It's extremely important that you listen to both of the following audio files and read The China Study.

Dr. Harold W. Manner. This is a one-hour lecture given in 1977 (approximately -- I was not able to be present) and recorded on magnetic tape. Dr Manner presented his experimental data proving "beyond any shadow of doubt that Dr. Krebs' hypothesis is completely correct." That hypothesis is called the trophoblastic thesis of cancer. If you would like your own free copy of this lecture, please contact me. I believe there is no other copy available. I never got to meet Dr. Manner, but I did speak with him by phone.

Advances in Laetrile Research (Dr Harold Manner)

Diet For a New Planet  (John Robbins)

In addition to the human health problem from a meat-centered diet, the production of all that meat uses a huge amount of resources, contaminates the land and waterways, results in massive deforestation of the planet to make room for more cattle, is the primary human cause of greenhouse gases that are raising the temperature of the earth's surface, and threatens our very survival. Also, everyone should read Diet for a New America, by the same author. Get the 1998 update with Robbins' "Afterword." See also

I give The China Study my highest recommendation.  Nevertheless, Dr. Campbell seems to have fallen victim himself to the very same "dark side of science" that he describes in his book.  He calls laetrile a scam, but you can't do that without first disproving - and citing - the work of Dr. Harold W. Manner, Director of the Biology Department, at Loyola University in Chicago.  It appears that Dr. Campbell doesn't know anything about that. In the revised edition, Dr. Campbell still has no acknowledgement of the work done at Loyola.

Why doesn't he know anything about it? I've been thinking about this, and it suddenly "hit me." It's because Dr. Manner's main study of laetrile was never published in the main-stream scientific journals! Why wasn't it published? The answer is even more insidiously evil than I had realized, and it's an example of the dark side of science. Dr. Manner departed from normal publishing procedure, which would have taken about four years for another lab to see and repeat his experiments, and announced his findings at a meeting of the National Health Federation for the reason that cancer patients don't have several years to learn about this. However, the supporting experiments were "properly" published. And why has not some other lab repeated Dr. Manner's experiments to confirm or disprove his results? You probably can't believe this, but the medical/pharmaceutical/Governmental establishment doesn't want this knowledge to get out. (It isn't the Government, per se that cares; the Government officials are either too ignorant to realize what's happening, or are accepting support from contributing lobbyists). If it became common knowledge, the gigantic industry of mis-named health care would soon collapse. This is the dark side of science, cited by Dr. Campbell and Dr. Manner. So, since his work did not go in the "front door" of scientific journalism, it never got published in scientific journals. I sincerely hope someone will prove me wrong about this! In 2010 I wrote to the head of the Biology Department of Loyola to ask about the status of Dr. Manner at Loyola - whether his retirement was normal or forced, etc. - and the Director replied that he knew nothing about Dr. Manner. Why doesn't he? This information is of the greatest importance because it bears directly on the health of millions of people. Dr. Manner (since deceased) has disappeared from the scene, except to be listed in Quackwatch. I may sound like a raving maniac, but if it sounds this way to you, read The China Study. There you will find the same type of information, fully documented, and written by a man of the very highest credentials.  Would you like to hear Dr. Manner's own report, given in a lecture at Broward County (Florida) Chapter of the International Association of Cancer Victims and Friends?  You can listen to a recording of this lecture right here on this page. The year was about 1977, and it's just over one hour in length.

In several places in this web, I have said, "It's all about money."  Never mind that many thousands of people will die from it!  If you want a good look at the underlying forces, follow this link: It's the Money, Stupid!

My greatest sadness in life is that people go right on like sheep, never asking questions, never examining the likely consequences of their lifestyles, never making health decisions for themselves.  Nearly everyone is trapped in mindsets (paradigms) and don't even realize it. Consequently, even when they are presented with this information, most will not act on it.

In 2009/10 (and continuing) the United States is wrestling with the problem of so-called health care legislation.  It's such a dilemma because it's far too big to solve by throwing money at it. The problem would be decimated if people would face the reality of our unhealthy lifestyles. Routine eating of meat, eggs and dairy products, too many calories of total intake, not enough exercise, and perhaps worst of all - not realizing that each of us has reasonably good control over all this, and we can't look to the doctor to fix it.  Thoughtful people would do well to read and follow the advice and examples in The Peaceable Table. We should not have meat as a "staple" food, and (after the age of about 4 or 5) we should avoid milk like the plague. One of the most obvious facts of life is that milk is for babies.

IN MEMORY OF DR. HANS NIEPER  This web page is no longer available, but if you search on Hans Nieper, you will find a wealth of information.  Dr. Hans Nieper was one of the World's greatest doctors, and a pioneer in the treatment I personally used for cancer. He knew a lot about how to treat cancer and heart disease, but like most doctors, he didn't know what was causing these diseases. As with other innovators, his work and ideas are attacked by members of "the establishment."


Do you remember the much-publicized court case of Texas Cattlemen vs Howard Lyman and Oprah Winfrey?  Life is getting more dangerous every year, but we have the means (if not the will) to reverse the trend.  There is a clear connection between animal welfare and human welfare.  Years later (I'm told), the U.S. Government is still not doing its job to stop feeding cattle back to cattle and to require testing for "Mad Cow." 

NEW LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH IN THE USA  Excerpted from Fall, 2003 issue of Health Freedom News (Journal of the National Health Federation): "Iatrogenic (doctor caused) disease is now the leading cause of death and injury in the USA." (You won't find this admitted in main stream medical/pharmaceutical channels.) Carolyn Dean, MD, a physician and author who participated in the survey said: "I was completely shocked, amazed and dismayed when I first added up all the statistics on medical death and saw how much allopathic medicine has betrayed us."   "...the projected death toll from medical errors is 783,936 per year, thus displacing heart disease (669,697) as the nation's top killer.  Cancer is now in third place with 553,251 deaths annually, based on 2001 figures,..."  It may not be quite this bad now, but read what Dr. Campbell says about it in The China Study.


  I acknowledge the factors of heredity, lifestyle, prayer, pollution, etc., but since most people are focused in and trapped by their appetites and other desires, nutrition is the most powerful determinant of our health.  In this link I describe what I have experienced with food supplements and routine diet. You can read my thoughts on prayer in a link from my "Spiritual Path" page. 

The pursuit of health is not easy. Commercial interests, enlisting the aid of Government agencies, press on without regard to the general health of the people. The references that follow will paint a picture from which much benefit can be derived. I strongly recommend that you look into and support these organizations, and study the books. The following material needs updating - correction of links, addresses, etc. and some editing.

What's going on in this country (USA), and to some extent the rest of the world, concerning our health, is so outrageous that most Americans are unable to believe it. Most of us are completely oblivious of the hazards to which we are subjected by our own Government. For example, check out the following concerning our drinking water.  This is from the National EPA Scientists' Union.



ORGANIZATIONS — (Needs updating)


 Do you claim the right to make your own decisions about food, supplements, treatment for illness, etc. without some special interest group manipulating the available information and telling the Government how to govern?  See their site and check out the article entitled "I own the FDA." To save you some searching, here is a link to that article:


 THE PHYSICIANS' COMMITTEE FOR RESPONSIBLE MEDICINE — 5100 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, Suite 404, Washington, DC 20016.  Phone numbers: (202) 686-2210 and fax (202) 686-2216.  They publish a quarterly journal GOOD MEDICINE, as a membership benefit.  Basic annual membership in PCRM is $20 (tax deductible).  PCRM promotes nutrition, preventive medicine, ethical research practices, and compassionate medical policy.  PCRM is also a research watchdog and conducts research projects on its own.  Through their publications you can learn the most up-to-date information on the control of osteoporosis, heart disease, the connections between diet and cancer, etc.


444 NE Ravenna Blvd., Suite 205, Seattle, WA 98115.  Phones: (206) 524-9903 and (800) 362-3648.  Founded by John Robbins (former heir to a famous ice cream empire), Earthsave "is an organization with excellent and greatly needed programs that actively help people of all ages to reclaim their medical independence, and to save our imperiled planet."  Two books by Robbins: Diet For a New America, and Reclaiming Our Health.  I have no reservations in giving EARTHSAVE my highest recommendation.


From his website: "John R. Lee, M.D. is an international authority and pioneer in the use of natural progesterone cream and natural hormone balance. He is a sought-after speaker, as well as a best-selling author and the editor-in-chief of a widely read newsletter. His website offers a wide range of information about natural hormones and hormone balance for women and men, resources for finding out more, as well as a variety of books, audio and video tapes and other useful products."

From our personal experience, we know that bone density lost by osteoporosis can be improved through the method described by Dr. Lee. In the first year of use, my wife registered an increase in bone density of one standard (statistical) deviation. That was in Georgia before we moved to Arizona in 1999. Tested again in 2006, she has registered further increase in bone density. Here in Arizona, her new doctor said she had never heard of the use of progesterone! I think most medical doctors are still prescribing Premarin. Not only is Premarin produced by cruel treatment of horses (pregnant mares' urine), it's the wrong hormone, and it's dangerous. If you doubt the danger of using Premarin, read the list of contraindications, warnings and precautions printed in the Physicians' Desk Reference.

NUTS to the FDA Here is an excerpt from one of Dr. Williams' newsletters that gives a good example of just how far the US Food and Drug Administration has strayed from its original purpose of protecting our citizens.


VEGETARIAN FRIENDS --- Here is an online publication that will help you gain health and peace in our generally materialistic and uncaring world.

REVERSING HEART DISEASE — by Dr. Dean Ornish.  This book might save your life. Copied from the cover: "The only system scientifically proven to reverse heart disease without drugs or surgery." and: "The program based on the landmark research just published in the Journal of the American Medical Association." If you don't find this book in your bookstore, I think you can get it quickly from:  Take action to get genetically modified food out of our lives - or at least labeled.

WATCH OUT FOR THE USDA!  The United States Department of Agriculture is just as dangerous as the Food and Drug Administration.  It's all about money!

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