College Days

College Days - Aug 22,2018

These pictures and notes are from my days in the World War II Navy V-12 and Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps at Duke University, Durham, NC.  The period was from November 1, 1943 to February 28, 1946.

I should mention that I was too small to enter sports with "the big guys," so I did the types of things where size didn't matter.  I weighed only 118 pounds when I arrived, and about 130 at graduation. …

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Glider Flying For Seniors

Glider Flying - Aug 19,2018

When I started on this adventure at age 84, I had serious doubts whether I could still do this sort of thing. After all, it had been 44 years since I did any piloting. First I had three rides at a soaring club, with the intention that I would become a member and get "checked out."  But they had only one instructor, they fly only on weekends, and the numbers ahead of me grew from one…

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Family and Growing Up

Growing Up - Aug 17,2018


This is a picture of me with my father, taken about 1931 (I was born in 1925). We were staying for the weekend in a beach cottage owned by a friend. How modest everyone was! I was told that it was against a St. Petersburg city ordinance to appear on Central Avenue in a bathing suit.  


At age 13 I had an accident…

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Turkey Visit

Home Life - Aug 17,2018

A visit by a typical family of turkeys. They just wander around, making life more pleasant for us humans. We counted something like 16 juveniles and 4 adults.

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My Cancer Experience

Health, Diet, Environment - Aug 9,2018


Here is the story of my experience with cancer and cancer treatments.  What follows is pretty serious material, because cancer is serious business.  I know exactly how it feels to have a medical doctor say, "You have cancer."  Of course, some of what follows is my opinion, but most is factual.  I think you can tell the difference.

Most of this page was written before I learned about The China Study. Now I…

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